Fabric Resistance Band- Single Band

Fabric Resistance Band- Single Band

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Tone your Glutes and Legs with our fabric resistance bands right from the comfort of your own home.

Glute Activation

- our bands increase Glute activation by 400%

- This is important for growth as your glutes cannot grow without activation 

She's Fit-Ness resistance bands have been proven to be effective in increasing intensity of exercise and bringing desired results to clients and customers 

Our Resistance bands are

- Durable, Comfortable, and High Quality 

Each Order comes with 

- 1 fabric resistance band with the resistance of your choice

- A storage bag

- A booklet with workout ideas 

 The teal band is the lightest resistance, the pink band is a medium resistance and the purple band is the heaviest resistance.  

Workout Anywhere With Your Fabric Resistance band. Absolutely no weights needed

At home: if leaving your house is what keeps you from exercising then She's Fitness bands are perfect for you. You do not need to leave your house to get in an amazing workout! Your living room is now your gym; crash your workouts from the comfort of your home!

Ourdoors: If you enjoy nature then working out outdoors may just be what you need to motivate you to exercise. You can carry your She's fitness band in its carrying bag and head over too a park to get in your exercise

Just look at that view! Enjoying nature whiles killing my workouts

At the gym: Are you someone who needs to see other people working out to motivate you but hate how busy the gyms are? If so our bands are just right for you! You don't need to worry about machines being occupied, all you need is you Fabric resistance bands!

The choices are many and the choice is yours! 

1000+ women around the world are reaching their fitness goals with She's Fitness Fabric bands 

15 mins a day, 3 times a week for 3 weeks  is all you need to to dedicate to working out with our fabric bands to see real results! 


Our Fabric bands are not just great for lower body workout, they are also be used for upper body workouts

You can always find more workouts videos on our instagram @shesfitnesss


Customer Reviews

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Jasphine Bakhita
Loving the resistance band

The resistance band is an amazing addition to my workout routine. There was also great customer service from Lois and her team.