Fit Girl Planner

THIS! IS! REVOLUTIONARY! Introducing Our Fit Girl Planner

The planner EVERY Girl Needs.


Allow Our Fit Girl Planner to change the trajectory of your fitness journey. From Struggling to meet goals to surpassing those same goals. Our Planner is designed to help you do just that.

She helps you plan your workouts in detail and allows you to track your progress. She provides you with templates designed to track your weight, measurements, exercises, weights, sets, reps and more. She also gives you space to put your fitness goals in writing.

She can be used on your Phone, iPad and Computers.

Seamoss Gel

Provides 92/102 minerals that the body needs in just two table spoons


She's Fit-Ness


Lois you have given me hope, when I was on the verge of giving up; you showed me that I could do things that I told myself was impossible, you are very patient never in a rush and I admired that most of all about you. When I feel like giving up I heard your little voice you can do it; I know that you can do it, that gave me the strength to continue through to the end. I am extremely lucky to have met you, you are a God sent.

Sandra- One on One Personal training

I feel empowered and comfortable with Lois training me. She is very open and really listens to what you want and also your comfort levels. But she pushes you when she knows you can do more. It's a great experience with good vibes.

Sarah- One on One Personal Training

I was not sure how online training would work all i knew was I needed some guidance on what to do and for someone to push me. Lois has been just that to me. Your constant reminders that its my gym day and constant " you can do it, I know it is what has helped me loose 13 lbs and counting. I recommend training with Lois not only because her program works but also because it is obvious that she genuinely cares about me and my health. 

Amanda - Online Training Client

I can't wrap my mind around the quality of these and their definitely thick thigh approved!

Caralina- Short Loop Resistance Bands

The fact that i can go rounds without it slipping or falling off.. you have no idea. These are goood

Justin- Short Loop Resistance bands